Get New Patients Now With Our Google & Youtube Marketing Program

We are now offering setup and ongoing management of:

  • Google Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Adwords & Banner Ad Network (pay-per-click advertising)
  • Youtube Pre-Roll Advertising (pay-per-click advertising)

Thousands of Type 2 Diabetes Sufferers In Your Market Are Searching For What You Have To Offer

In your market, there are thousands of diabetics actively searching for help on Google and Youtube every month. If they don’t find your Help Your Diabetes website, they’re going to seek out help from your competitors.

Our new Google & Youtube Marketing Program will do what it takes to get your website in front of these motivated prospects.

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

local 3 pack

The Google Maps Local “3-Pack”

Our first goal will be to optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing so your listing shows up when someone searches for a diabetes-related keyword that produces a Google Maps local “3-pack”.

Note: if you already have a GMB listing for your medical practice, we will optimize your existing listing.

Organic Search Results

organicWe’ll also optimize to increase the rankings of your HYD website for diabetes-related keywords.

We will begin with a complete audit. This audit will not only let us know exactly where your website currently stands, but will also give us a road map for the first few months of work. Every situation is different, depending on the competition in your market.

Each month you will receive the following reports:

  • Local and Organic ranking report
  • Full Analytic report
  • Full work report. Will include ‘wins’, what was done last month, plan moving forward.


  • Local SEO: $499/month
  • Local SEO One-Time Setup Fee: (audit with game plan): $325

Google Adwords Management


A Google AdWords certified technician will setup & manage pay-per-click (PPC) text ads.

We will also create 2 banner ad designs (3 sizes each) banner

and place them on high-traffic sites in your local market.

Reporting for this service is provided directly from Google AdWords and/or Google Analytics.

The suggested ad spend for Adwords is $300-$500/month.


  • PACKAGE: Local SEO + Adwords Management: $775/month + cost of clicks (Recommend ad spend minimum per month $300-$500)
  • Adwords Management Only: $300/month
  • One-Time Setup Fee if Adwords Management only (included with Local SEO package): $200

Youtube Pre-Roll Advertising


There are close to a half million type 2 diabetes related videos on Youtube, some with over 1 million views!

Our objective is to put ads in front of people in your local market who are seeking diabetes information on Youtube:

  • We will set-up, monitor and optimize your HYD Youtube account
  • Create 2 video ads
  • Choose Type 2 diabetes videos on Youtube to place pre-roll ads in front of
  • Reporting for this service is provided directly from Google AdWords and/or Google Analytics


  • PACKAGELocal SEO + Adwords Management + Youtube Management: $925/month + cost of clicks (Recommend min $600-$800/month in ad spend)
  • Youtube One-Time Setup (customizing 2 ads, setting up Youtube channel): $250
  • Youtube Management only: $200/month

Don’t Delay – Start Getting New Patients NOW

Remember – just ONE patient on Help Your Diabetes MORE than pays for the cost of this program, especially when you consider the Lifetime Value of a patient. This program will easily pay for itself over and over again, and you will systematically and predictably grow your Help You Diabetes business.

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