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This book, and the program, will change your diabetic life!

This book, and the program, will change your diabetic life! I have the book and have followed Dr. Hockings’ program. My primary physician took me off of all diabetes medicines within a few months. I’ve lost over 50 pounds – without exercise, I have COPD – and had to buy new clothes (that’s good!). I highly recommend this book and consider it a game changer.

WFG Topeka
January 21, 2017

I was immediately sure that this program was what I was looking for

I got my “Imagine Living Without Type 2 Diabetes” book in April of 2016. I was immediately sure that this program was what I was looking for. My March, 2016 blood tests were way off the charts. My A1C was going on 7.0. and the nurses at the diabetic clinic were suggesting that I start taking more medications. You know the ones. They are advertised on TV all the time. My cholesterol has always been very high and not even statins were helping. I followed Dr. Hockings plan religiously. It wasn’t difficult since it was all good foods. There were lots of people that couldn’t understand parts of it, like no dairy, but after 3 months, I didn’t hear much from them. They all saw the results. When I got my numbers in July, 2016, my local doctor couldn’t believe my test results. He gave me two high fives! I had lost 30 pounds, my A1C was 6.0 and my cholesterol was too low.

Amazon Customer
January 20, 2017

Dr Hockings’ book provided a proven guideline

Any book that gives instructions about treating your diabetes is beneficial only if you apply what is written. Dr Hockings’ book provided a proven guideline that I highly recommend for anyone serious about dealing with their diabetes, that is why I can give them a 5-star rating, because the program worked for me. Not only did i get off two diabetic meds and one blood pressure med, I also lost 50 lbs in the process.

Wayne Sheppard
January 20, 2017

Things that can be done to prevent the condition to get worse

Dr. Hocking explains in details on why Diabetes is harmful to your body and things that can be done to prevent the condition to get worse. It goes to the cause of the problem and how someone can stay of medication.

Ram Parikh
November 15, 2016

I believe a book that gives hope where there was none is awesome

I have to say I disagree with a few of the other reviews. I believe a book that gives hope where there was none is awesome.
The reality is most people don’t even know that you can reverse diabetes. This book give them hope. There are numerous studies that show you can reverse diabetes. Dr Hocking’s is doing something that no one else is doing. I would recommend this book to anyone who has type 2 diabetes. I would even recommend this to those that are pre-diabetic. This information needs to get out. I am recommend this book to my friends who are suffering needlessly.

November 8, 2016

Finally there is a no-nonsense, common sense, and simple way

After 31 years of working in health care, and seeing the devastating effects that Type II Diabetes has had on my patients….finally there is a no-nonsense, common sense, and simple way of REVERSING the physiological effects on the body. We have seen people losing weight, being relieved of the fear of having to be on dialysis, become medication free, and completely change their life and their future. This book is a wonderful introduction to a life changing journey for the Diabetic person. Thank you Dr. Hockings….well done!

Amazon Customer
October 21, 2016

You MUST realize there is a way to truly REVERSE diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a devastating disease that will quickly rob you of your health. As a practicing physician for over 20 years, I have seen new medicine after new medicine developed to “treat” this terrible disease. What I came to realize was that we are just “managing” sugars with these medications while the complications of diabetes (blindness, kidney failure, neuropathy, amputations, etc) continue to happen to our patients (yes, even “well controlled” patients). If you have Type 2 diabetes, you MUST realize there is a way to truly REVERSE diabetes so these complications won’t happen and that you can live the remainder of your life in good health and FREE of medication! The amazing part: you can do this NATURALLY without pharmaceutical drugs, medical procedures, or other drastic measures. Using the program developed by Dr. Hockings, I have successfully reversed diabetes in many patients and have personally watched them undergo amazing transformations, both physically and mentally, as their health was restored. If you’re diabetic, do yourself a favor and buy this book. The other option is to continue as you are, taking prescription medication on a road guaranteed to end with complications.

Atul K. Sachdev
October 20, 2016

It is an intensive and customized lifestyle education program with tremendous success

As a board certified Integrative and Functional Medicine Specialist, I find my passion to help people heal is literally fueled on a daily basis as I watch the amazing transformations of my patients in The Help Your Diabetes program. It is an intensive and customized lifestyle education program with tremendous success. Using the program at our center, we have helped over 70% of our participants reverse their Diabetes and get completely off Diabetic medications with normal blood sugars! Having educated Diabetics for over 20 years, I can tell you that most people try not to think about the consequences and complications and they certainly do not know that Diabetes can be reversed NATURALLY.
This book not only points out what all Diabetics need to hear, it points the way to success!

Kristine Burke, MD
October 20, 2016

The information in this book has helped me

The information in this book has helped me to do more to help my diabetic patients in the past 2 years than I did in 27 years of practice. Why did’t I hear about this in medical school or from my endocrinology colleagues? It is truly rewarding to see patient’s lives transformed by Dr. Hocking’s methods and they are forever thankful to finally take control of this awful disease. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to remain a type 2 diabetic on medications and be at risk for terrible complications when their disease can be reversed naturally! I thank you, and my patients thank you Dr. Hockings!

Dr. Charles Timson
October 19, 2016

Dr. Hockings makes it very real

Dr. Hockings makes it very real in describing the dangers of ignoring the health problems of diabetes. It was enough to convince me and motivate me to be much more strict with diet and exercise. The book also does a good job to have you look into his highly effective “Help your Diabetes“ program. The program is a great support for the people and is needed to keep people on track and remembering the facts of the book.

Mark Schwartz
October 19, 2016

Dr Hockings book finally reveals the truth

Dr Hockings book finally reveals the truth about the treatment and reversal of Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes is literally a health problem of epidemic proportions. Medical “management ” of diabetes is unfortunately contributing to the perpetuation of this disease.
This book conveys to the reader the true hope and fact that diabetes can be reversed and that Type 2 diabetics can live again a healthy productive life free from the devastating medical complications of diabetes such as blindness, heart disease, stroke and kidney problems.
This book is a must read for anyone looking for answers and direction toward a more natural healthy and holistic approach to reverse their diabetes where other methods including ever increasing medicine management has failed to help.

John A Podlaski
October 18, 2016

A life saver

A life saver ……looking for a sponsor to promote a DB 2 cooking show “DB Cooker the Mad Diabetic Chef !!!!!!

Richard H.
December 23, 2014

This book is about hope

The author takes a no-holds-barred approach in describing the realities of life with Type 2 diabetes! As a primary care physician I would guess that 95% of both patients AND doctors don’t know diabetes CAN be treated without medications! In my experience it’s simply a matter of education: if more physicians knew it could be done, they would promote this strategy more, and they would see it more…

But the opposite is true as far as most physicians are concerned: in medical school physicians see diabetics in the cardiac care units, in the intensive care units, in surgery, at wound care, in stroke rehab, at PT getting fit for prostheses after amputation, and on and on…. Most of these poor people are taking eight to ten medications!!

Plus I would be very surprised if there exists a clinical trial published in the “mainstream” literature that follows diabetics with or without statins, for example, WITH NORMAL A1C levels! Think about it – they wouldn’t qualify to begin with, right?

My point is that I completely agree with the author that Type 2 diabetes can be put into remission… A “reversal” so to speak… And this book reveals some unfortunate biases in the medical establishment which work against anyone who wants to manage their diabetes with the absolute minimal, or no, medications.

The negative book reviews here likely revolve around the false expectation that reading a book can get you there – while all the information is given, implementing it into your life takes a well thought strategy over several weeks. But I recommend you take your time and try to understand the detailed pathophysiology involved. It’s important you learn just how crazy our diets are laden with hidden sugars… I believe you will come to the realization that a permanent LIFELONG change is needed in your life, to forever reduce the threat to your health!

In summary, this book is about hope – an introduction to the complex world of diabetes – with all it’s confusing and contradicting treatment options – concluding with a clear and confident pathway you can take to end your dependence (once and for all) on the medications you feel a slave to…

In future you will hear and see much more about this unique diet and exercise program, as the author has teamed up with MD’s and DO’s in the USA, Australia, Canada, and UK – the program is called “Help Your Diabetes”

My hope for you is that you muster the courage to buy this book, take on the challenge, then seek out a physician trained in the Help Your Diabetes program… By having an HYD physician working together with your own primary care provider, you have a phenomenal opportunity to live with a NEW reality as a diabetic – healthy, fit, and medication-free! Good luck!

Kenneth Power
August 2, 2014

I really liked this book alot

I really liked this book alot. It is very informative and easy to read for a lay person like me. I don’t understand some of the other reviews. The first 6 chapters of the book had great statistics, explained all about diabetes, explained why medical physicians don’t know how to reverse diabetes and has do’s and dont’s to follow, which was extremely helpful and something I can use immediately. The last 2 chapters explained the program he offers for people who want more personalized help, which was also very helpful. Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has diabetes and wants information about how they can help their disease without having to rely so much on medications.

E. Rose
July 3, 2014

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