DR. J. Murray Hockings Puts Thousands of People on a Natural Path To Becoming Clinically Non-Diabetic

“Help Your Diabetes” Founder Continues His Mission To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes By Opening Up Franchises In A Nationwide Expansion Effort

Dr. Hockings pic 2Having helped thousands of clients reverse their Type 2 Diabetes over the past 26 years, Dr. J. Murray Hockings has been expanding his mission in exciting and inspiring ways these past five years, moving beyond private practice in Southern California to help people on a global scale via his fast growing organization, Help Your Diabetes®(HYD).

Driven by the dynamic, life changing results behind the provocative branding line “Your Path To Becoming Clinically Non-Diabetic,” HYD is dedicated to helping its clients get off their medications (which only manage symptoms and cannot reverse them), drop their blood sugar and lose weight (if necessary) via proven natural methods

Thousands Served

HYD’s headquarters are in Dallas, to serve thousands of clients throughout North America, was founded to provide a natural, non-drug approach to helping people with metabolic and nutritional imbalances. These imbalances can lead to numerous health problems traditionally treated with invasive prescription drug therapy, such as Type 2 diabetes.

The programs developed by Dr. Hockings – a member of the American Holistic Medical Association and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) — are not designed to specifically treat Type 2 diabetes, neuropathy and heart disease. However, by restoring proper metabolic function and nutritional balance, he and his team – working in conjunction with each patient’s primary physician – have seen remarkable results with the improvement or elimination of these conditions. These programs range from a two month plan for a pre-diabetic to four and six months for full blown Type 2 Diabetics.

Obesity And Health Problems Linked To Diet

Anyone who pays attention to the news knows that obesity and health problems related to it based on poor diet choices and a relatively sedentary lifestyle is a growing health problem worldwide. In the many introductory seminars he has given to prospective clients in cities throughout the U.S., Canada and most recently Australia, New Zealand and the UK, Dr. Hockings dives into that topic with some alarming statistics that fuel the urgency of his mission to reverse Type 2 diabetes, not just for thousands of people, but millions worldwide.

Not Just Thousands, But Millions Have Type 2 Diabetes

According to his latest research, which is also included in his best selling new book “Imagine Living Without Type 2 Diabetes: Discover A Natural Alternative to Pharmaceuticals,” there are 33 million people with Type 2 diabetes in the U.S. and 84 million pre-diabetics whose blood sugar is at a point just below being diagnosed as Type 2. That’s approximately one third of the country’s population that is at risk. The European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) claims that diabetes affects 336 million people globally and kills 4.6 million of them every year. Life expectancy for those diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes is 5-10 years shorter than average and by 2020, it is estimated that 60 percent of Americans and Canadians will have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Education Is Key To Solve The Problem

Believing that education is the first step in helping people understand and take steps to solve the problem, Dr. Hockings also cites some scary corollary stats: 68 percent of diabetes related deaths are from heart disease, 16 percent are from strokes and 67 percent of people with diabetes have high blood pressure. Those with diabetes are twice as likely to get Alzheimer’s Disease. In a recent presentation Dr. Hockings gave, which can be viewed online at www.HelpYourDiabetes.com, he shows that diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and amputation in North America.

No Perks For The Medical System To Get You Off Medications

Dr. Hockings then reveals an even more disturbing truth – and why HYD is an effective solution. “The medical system and drug companies have no incentive to get you better,” says Dr. Hockings, also the author of the eye opening book “Send Your Doctor Packing.” “The only safe drug for you is the one you’re not taking. But if you follow the right formula that we give you, you can get off your Type 2 Diabetic meds. There’s overwhelming proof that this disease can be reversed and you have a choice. You can believe the big lies that tell you that you must take pills for the rest of your life, or if you do the right thing, you can reverse it within months.

The Program

Not all those who attend these seminars sign up for Dr. Hockings’ successful program. Many are simply not willing to sacrifice their favorite foods in the service of good health. But everyone who listens to his presentation leaves understanding why the current, purely medical approach to treating diabetes isn’t working – and why it has failed to reverse the growing number of pre-diabetics and those with Type 2 Diabetes.

HYD’s Patent Pending system offers its clinics’ patients very comprehensive programs. They are taught what to eat and what not to eat, shown what nutritional supplements to take and what exercises to do. According to Dr. Hockings, it’s the combination of these three things that restores the body to health and reduces or eliminates the need for diabetic medications. True health, he says, is when you have all the organs you were born with, your lab tests are normal, you are off the meds – and more specifically to his program, when you don’t have Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease of neuropathy. He makes sure to clarify that when he talks about “getting off meds,” he means those that can be safely eliminated by the client’s primary physician due to positive lifestyle changes.

Accountability Is Crucial

“We let them know that there are specific foods they must give up, and if they’re not willing to do so, they’re not going to get better,” he adds. “We have a very comprehensive program in which we review our clients’ labs and we provide all the supplements they need to take. Because our clients are based pretty much everywhere in the world, we do a weekly follow up with them on the phone, via Skype or email that’s very comprehensive. Accountability is crucial and we provide it – but it’s the clients who initiate these calls. We want to hear how well they are doing or if there are any problems.

“Just to clarify about HYD,” Dr. Hockings says, “Our patients have already been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and are under a primary physician’s care. All we’re doing is recommending a strategized program to help them reverse it. Those who follow the program have a 100 percent success rate in seeing their blood sugar level decrease. The only question is how much this rate will drop, not if it will. Everything we do is based on simple physiological principles.”

Expansion To Help Even More Treat Type 2 Diabetes

HYD is presently embarking on a major nationwide franchise expansion. Dr. Hockings and his staff will support franchisees throughout the country in local clinics to implement the HYD system. Dr. Hockings’ goal is to have two hundred local franchise clinics implementing the plan in the next three years.

100 Percent Success Rate

“In over 20 years working with patients in my practices in Southern California, I basically tested the program on many patients and saw amazing results and a 100 percent success rate with lowering of blood sugar,” he says. “HYD was all about me realizing I had the answer to reversing Type 2 Diabetes and taking it on the road and sharing it with people around North American and now the world. I wanted to help as many people as possible. My goal in opening up franchises all over the country is to essentially ‘clone myself.’ My ultimate goal is to help as many of the 336 million diabetics as I can worldwide, so I can’t just be a one man operation.”

Action Is Needed

To see if they qualify and are accepted into one of the HYD programs, prospective patients need to contact one of their HYD franchise clinics to see if they qualify to view Dr. Hockings’ video presentation and have an in-person consultation.

The HYD programs are extremely comprehensive and specifically designed to help clients get healthy as naturally, quickly and safely as possible. There is no other program available in the world today that offers such a vast array of benefits. Those who choose to enroll in a comprehensive HYD program receive the following:

  • Before and after lab analysis
  • Proprietary supplements to take
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Weekly group support calls to monitor your progress
  • Unlimited 1 on 1 support 7 days a week by phone or email for any questions you have
  • Enjoy/Avoid list of foods
  • Proprietary Weekly meal plans
  • Over 200 recipes
  • Shopping List
  • Exclusive online membership in the HYD website
  • Weekly training videos
  • Monthly newsletter

Personal Relevance With His Mission

Beyond the basic call to help people, that drives all doctors to do well by their patients, there is a personal motivation behind Dr. Hockings’ desire to make the reversal of Type 2 Diabetes his life’s work.

His aunt died of complications of Diabetes when she was only 34 years old, leaving behind her two small adopted children to be raised without their mother. He wanted to develop a natural program that helps reverse Type 2 Diabetes so that other families wouldn’t have to go through what his family had to experience when his aunt died.

“Getting into this brought back a lot of those difficult memories of my aunt’s passing and the impact it had on our family and hers,” he says. “But it’s worth it because the program I developed ensures that those who make the choice to get back to good health – and their families – won’t have to go through the same trauma. Just knowing that I have helped thousands of people get better and lead healthier, more productive lives is a wonderful thing. It becomes very personal when I get emails every week or people calling to check in and telling us how excited they are to see themselves getting better and showing us their blood work results. I never get tired of hearing those success stories. When people rejoice over being able to finally get off their insulin and diabetes meds, or over losing a bunch of weight, I rejoice with them. How can you not be excited about these dramatic changes?”

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