AsSeenOnHelp Your Diabetes (HYD) was founded to provide a natural, non-drug approach to helping people with metabolic and nutritional imbalances. These imbalances can lead to many health problems traditionally treated with invasive prescription drug therapy, such as Type 2 Diabetes, Neuropathy and Heart Disease.

The programs developed by (HYD) do not specifically treat Type 2 Diabetes, Neuropathy and Heart Disease, however, by restoring proper metabolic function and nutritional balance, we have seen remarkable results with the improvement or elimination of these conditions, working in conjunction with your primary physician.

Dr. J. Murray Hockings, D.C., D.PSc.

Dr. J. Murray Hockings, D.C. has been practicing for 23 years. He has owned 5 previous healthcare centers and now is the Founder of Help Your Diabetes in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Hockings has seen over 17,000 patients in his career and is an internationally ...
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What To Expect

To see if you qualify and are accepted into one of the HYD programs, you’ll have to do one of the following things:

  • Contact one of our HYD physicians offices to see if you qualify for a complimentary consultation

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Our Approach

HYD offers very comprehensive programs that are customized to each person. Patients are taught what to eat and not eat, shown what nutritional supplements to take and what exercises to do. It is a combination of these 3 things that gets your body healthy again naturally and reduces or eliminates your need for medications.

True health is when you have all the organs you were born with, your lab tests are normal and you aren’t taking any medications. Truly healthy people don't have Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease or Neuropathy. HYD’s main goal is to get your body back to true health, if possible. We understand there are times when you have to take some medications everyday for the rest of your life due to surgeries you’ve had, so we are talking about the medications you can get off of with lifestyle changes.

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Licensing Opportunity

Licensing Opportunities are available to qualified physicians who want to implement the HYD program in their practice For more information click here


Why Did You Start HYD? Dr. Hockings started HYD because his aunt died of Diabetes complications at the age of 34, leaving behind her 2 small, adopted children to be raised without their mother. He wanted to develop a natural program that helps reverse Type 2 Diabetes so that other families don’t have to go through what his family had to go through when his aunt died....